Kindling, 2022

Viktor Pokydanets, Workshop at Sorry No Rooms Available with matchboxes (2023), documentation. Photo: Mykhailo Melnychenko.


Kindling is a dialogue between art platforms operating outside the major capitals of Sweden and Ukraine. The Kindling project is run by a partnership consisting of BAC on Gotland, Milvus Artistic Research Center (MARC) in Skåne and the Ukrainian residencies/artistic platforms Sorry No Rooms Available in Uzhhorod and soma.majsternia in Lviv. Kindling starts from the belief that residency centers, figuratively speaking, “light a fire” in the communities where they are located through their support of artistic work and experimentation.

Thanks to a grant from the Swedish Institute, we will be able to invite Ukrainian artists and and curators to live and work at all four residency centres during 2022-2023. The funding will also support the institutional infrastructure of our Ukrainian partner organisations as they deepen their activities to respond to the circumstances affecting the lives and work of Ukrainian artists in the wake of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine. All artists and curators in the project will be able to participate in public programmes, such as workshops, presentations and performances, and a final symposium.